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Gender Expression:
Understanding Pronouns in the Classroom and Workplace

This website was created to supplement our trainings on the topic of gender expression. Our workshops have been designed to foster engagement for the purpose of connection, belonging, and safety for all groups of people. Whether you are new to these ideas or simply want to learn more, we have a place for you in our classes. This training is not about shame, blame, forced change, demanded acceptance, or agreement. This educational journey is about learning the terminology that relates to gender identity and learning about other perspectives and world views relating to gender.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will have the opportunity to learn basic terminology and general understanding of gender identity and the importance of gender expression through the lens of cultural intelligence.

  • Participants will review common myths and truths about pronoun usage and gender expression and will improve their awareness and proficiency with these concepts.

  • Participants will explore why using the appropriate pronoun is important, both as an ally or for their own gender expression.

  • Participants will briefly review the concept of microaggressions as it applies to gender expression.

Online & In-person Workshops

We currently have a 60-90 minute workshop that is offered virtually and a three hour workshop offered in person. Part of our commitment to instructional design and learning is the importance of tailoring the course directly for the audience that is receiving it. We teach to workplaces, communities, K-12 schools, colleges/universities, and law enforcement agencies and are open to adapting our materials to your organization’s specific needs. We offer completion certificates and email badges for all those who attend.


Please contact Bethany Smith for information about cost for any of our classes or fill out the form below. Don’t hesitate to ask for scholarships or a reduced rate, as our primary objective is to provide this information to the community.

Training Outpost

The course is available on the Training Outpost and can be watched by your staff and employees over a period of time that is convenient for them. Designed with engaging visuals and concepts, this twenty-minute course will offer a broad overview of the topics and can be tailored to the specific human resources or educational requirements of your organization. We offer a set of questions after the video to show proficiency. The administrator can receive a report showing which employees completed and passed the course is provided at the end of the training period.

Does Something Not Seem Right?

Our commitment in this space is to help educate others on these topics in a way that is inclusive, diverse, and welcoming. If something in our training or website doesn’t sit well with you, we want to hear about it. Terminology in this field is constantly changing and each person who shares their gender expression or sexual orientation with others may have a different perspective or prefer different terms. Please contact Bethany Smith with any concerns or you can fill out our the form below (you are welcome to fill it out anonymously).

Contact Us

Bethany Smith (she/her/hers),

Thank you!

I thought it was very well done and presented well. I enjoyed the film clips and images; they helped to drive home the point of what Brian was saying.

I learned That some drag queens aren't gay; that transitioning doesn't always mean surgery; that there can sometimes be a difference between gender identity and gender expression.

I thought the presentation could have even been 2 hours instead of 90 minutes! It was very helpful, interesting and enlightening. Thank you!

Awesome class. Very informational. Even though the subject matter wasn't new to me, but I still learned different ways to explain my child to other people.

I’m not ashamed to dress ‘like a woman’ because

I don’t think it’s shameful to be a woman.

Iggy Pop

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